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Eclectic Finds Travels has over 40 years in the travel and tourism industry. Remember when traveling to Germany when there was an East and West Berlin? The difference with booking on your own to booking with us is we do our best to put you in the best, most significant parts of town. Anyone can book a hotel room in Rome, Italy. Eclectic Finds Travel can not only book you a hotel, we can put you right in the heart of town with an open air market by day and awesome al freso dining by night. Plus, have all the major sites within walking distance! Our first hand travel experiences will payoff for you in the long run by getting right where you need to be; enjoying yourself and having fun!

Biography: I love to travel! Planning vacations for family and friends was a natural progression for me to move into the travel agent seat! I have traveled the world since I was 14 years old. My college education is a BS in Engineering. I can proudly say I have done lots! I grew up on a farm outside Phoenix, Arizona. Went to college in the Los Angeles area. Worked for the University of Florida in a faculty position. Played in college and high school bands, been in college plays, sang in the college jazz choir, played on a NCAA division III volleyball team and also studied and practiced art. I am married and have our own antique and gift malls in South Carolina. My life experiences and studies, along with my affiliations with CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), Oasis Travel Network and Signature Travel Network will get me, and thus you, to your favorite destinations around the world.

Top Destinations: These two are not destinations but you have to love ocean and river cruising! But destination-wise: France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany all come to mind as well as a bit closer to home destinations like the vastness of Alaska, the tropical life in Hawaii or the diverseness of Mexico.

Specialties: Our specialties are ocean and river cruises, just about any beach/sun locale, active and adventure travel, custom vacations, LGBT travel and of course luxury travel.

Recent Trips: Trips just this year (2017) was an 8 day river cruise down the Rhine river from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We spent a couple days pre and post cruise, taking in the sites and learning about those towns and cultures. A second trip we spent a week in Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Italy before heading out on a 9 night round trip cruise on the Mediterranean out of Rome to the Greek Isles and back.

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